Home of hoppin' lambs and dancing pigs

Start A Relationship With Your Local Farmer!

Bush Valley Farm is located near Zanesville Ohio.  Our animals are raised in open pastures and forests in as natural and healthy an environment as possible.  They happily spend their days grazing Ohio sweet pastures and their incredible taste and nutrition will amaze you. People, Soil, Plants and Animals matter!

The sheep are out roaming the hills and the pigs are playing in the woods eating nuts and "makin bacon".  The Narragansett Turkeys just follow after anything they think is interesting.  Almost everything is interesting.

Katahdin Hair sheep are known for their more milder flavor as compared to wool breeds.  We lamb once a year in the spring.  Lamb is available year round with spring lambs becoming available in December.  Whole, half's, and sampler packs available.  Download our  Lamb order sheet

Heritage Large Black hogs come from genetic stock that predates industrial farming.  It has the great taste that our great grandparents enjoyed!  We farrow twice a year in the spring and autumn.  Our hardy porkers are available year round.  Their meat is well marbled and has a deep shade of red.  Whole, half, quarter, and sampler packs available.  Download our  Pork order sheet.

Call ahead to pick up at the farm year round.

Visit us at the summer Zanesville Farmers Market on Saturday mornings  (9:00-12:00am April 30-Oct)

We will be at the new Canal Market District in downtown Newark on Friday evenings.  (4:00-7:00pm June 3 -Oct)

WHOLE & HALF HOGS - Available June-September 2016.  $50 deposit.